PSN issues appear to be resolved; No word on compensation

Annnnd it's back.

The PlayStation Network appears to back in working order after having been down for nearly a week. Over the past six days, PlayStation 4 owners have been experiencing PSN downtime.

According to reports, PSN started experiencing accessibility issues on January 23rd. These issues persisted over the week, making it difficult for gamers to access online games like Fortnite, Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront II. Some users reported seeing error codes (CE-34861-2), while others saw failed login attempts.

PlayStation owners pay around $60 annually for PS Plus, which makes one week of online access on your PS4 or PS3 worth about $1.15. It’s unclear if Sony intends on compensating affected users, however, there has been no mention of it.

The PlayStation Forum has seen a number of posts from frustrated PS Plus subscribers, but there has been no reply from Sony. The most recent notice from Sony came from the “Ask PlayStation” Twitter account that offered a workaround for those still experiencing issues.

  1. Log out of the account that is having difficulty
  2. Power down the PS4
  3. Access and sign in.
  4. Confirm signing into the website
  5. Turn on the PS4 and log in

PSN Status appears to be resolved, with all services noted to be ‘up and running.’ The cause of the downtime has not been reported, however, it sounds very similar to previous DDoS attacks that managed to bring down the service for days.