PSN experiencing ‘extremely high volume’ following PS4 launch; Sony confirms error codes ‘E-80E80034’ and ‘NW-31453-6’

Sony has acknowledged error codes 'E-80E80034' and 'NW-31453-6' while attempting to login to PlayStation Network through the PS4. Though they haven't provided specific information regarding the error messages, it can be assumed that these are a result of PSN experiencing high volume due to today's release of the PS4.

Over on the PlayStation forums, Sony wrote the following message:

Hi everyone, we are aware that some users are recieving an error message while attempting to login to PSN through their PS4 system. The error codes currently being reported are:

  • E-80E80034
  • NW-31453-6

We will post back in this thread when we have more news to share. Thank you all for your patience and support of Playstation.

It's worth noting that the system appears to be going up and down. While I was unable to login last night, I was able to access PSN this morning (around 7:30am ET) and added a ton of games to my download queue. It still seems some gamers are experiencing difficulty connecting to PSN, but Sony has assured they are "actively working to resolve the issue."

Here's the latest from PlayStation Support, where you can track the status of PSN:

The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume. As a result, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting to the network or downloading content. We are actively working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

On the bright side, my games are continuing the download despite the maintenance. How has your PS4 launch experience been so far?