PSA: LEGO Dimensions final three Funpacks release this week

Prepare to get slimey

Warner Bros and Tt Games have announced that the final three fun packs for year one of LEGO Dimensions will release this week. It was first announced earlier last year, followed up with a tweet last week. Today they clarified and provided some more information on what would be included. The three packs are Bane from DC Comics, Slimer from Ghostbuster and Ninjago's Lloyd.

DC Comics fans can broaden their LEGO Dimensions gameplay with the buildable Bane Fun Pack.  Players can place the buildable villain on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game, and then activate his Hazard Protection, Big Transform, or Super Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and overpower enemies. His 3-in-1 Drill Driver will boost gameplay, and can be rebuilt into the Bane Dig ‘n Drill and the Bane Drill ‘n Blast for upgraded in-game abilities. 

Players who want to slime their enemies can construct Slimer, the glutinous ghost, included in the Ghostbusters Slimer Fun Pack. They can fire his Hot Dog and activate his Boomerang, Sonar Smash, Flying, Dive, Hazard Clean, Illumination, Mini Access and Hazard Protection abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies. When he needs backup, players can call in the Slime Shooter and rebuild it into a Slime Exploder and Slime Streamer for upgraded powers in the game.

Players can put their ninja skills to the test with the LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack, featuring a buildable Lloyd minifigure, two Golden Katanas and rebuildable 3-in-1  Golden Dragon.  Players can use Lloyd’s two Golden Katanas and activate his special Spinjitzu, Illumination, Acrobat, Laser Deflector and Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and take on enemies in true Ninja style!  When it’s time to take the battle to the sky, launch Lloyd’s Golden Dragon and rebuild it into a Sword Projector Dragon and Mega Flight Dragon for enhanced powers.

With Warner Bros indicating already that they have a three year development cycle for LEGO Dimensions, we'll have to see what comes next year. After all, Supergirl and Green Arrow have already been leaked