PSA: Last Day for Prime Discount on Persona 5 Standard and Premium Edition

Persona 5 with all the physical goodies still available

Today is the last day you can get Persona 5  on discount from Prime. This includes both the standard edition and the premium edition. The premium edition includes a bunch of physical goodies, such as a school bag, soundtrack, steelbook, a Morgana plush and an art book.

Persona 5 joins the growing number of PlayStation 4 titles that are tearing it up this Spring with it's  fantastic, near perfect reviews. It shares the throne with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata.

Persona 5 also has a ton of DLC coming in the next year, some of which is free. A lot of it includes extra music, skins, and throwbacks to other SMT games.

For those unsure about Persona 5, hop the fence and watch this seven-minute gameplay footage