PSA: Don’t fall for ‘next Xbox’ scams

Microsoft's Major Nelson is warning gamers not to fall for Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox Durango, or any other next Xbox scams on the internet.  All of those sites claiming to be "sign-up pages for testing the next Xbox are fake." I don't know who actually falls for this type of stuff, but consider yourself warned.

Scam sites like the ones Major Nelson are warning about are nothing new to the gaming industry, but with hype of a new Xbox at an all-time high more and more of these phishing sites are beginning to sprout up. It's not just the next Xbox though. Fake Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Beta sites are also targeting gamers eager to have hands-on time with what is presumed to be Activision's next Call of Duty title.

Remember, unless it comes from the developer or publisher themselves, it is probably fake.