PS4 Voice Commands detailed and explained

Xbox One isn't the only new console that supports voice commands. Sony hasn't been touting this feature too much, but the PS4 is also capable of taking voice commands. Those of you with a PlayStation Eye camera can issue commands — either to the peripheral itself or through your headset — and the PS4 will react accordingly.

Saying "PlayStation" will bring up a menu of voice control options. From here, you can say the name of a game, like "Killzone: Shadow Fall" or "Battlefield 4," and it will jump to the game which you can then tell to "Start."

Additionally, you are able to switch users by saying "Log in." Saying "Home Screen" will take you back to the main menu, while "Power" will bring up the log out options to turn off the PS4.

The last major command shown off in a tutorial video is the "Take screenshot" function. At any point during gameplay, you can say "take screenshot" and the PS4 will capture an image of your gameplay which you can share with friends.

Sony cautions that the PS4 may not recognize your voice if there is too much ambient noise in the background.

The number of voice command options are undoubtedly more limited than the Xbox One's offerings, but it's still a nice additional feature for those who find scrolling through the menu with a traditional controller to be tedious. Hopefully, as the PS Eye continues to sell, Sony bolsters the number of commands the device will recognize.