PS4/Vita ‘Ultimate Player Edition’ Bundle leaked by Amazon

Given the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita's cross functionality, Remote Play and what not, it's a wonder why Sony has yet to announce a bundle that would include both systems. That could change — possibly at even at E3 — if a new product listing by Amazon France is any indication.

The "PS4/Vita Ultimate Player Edition" listing, which includes a PS4 and a PS Vita slim model, is listed as being available on July 4th in France. It's also priced at €579.99, which translates to $789.99. I wouldn't be too alarmed by the price however, as prices tend to adjust to match the costs in the U.S. in Canada. In other words, don't pay too much attention to the price just yet.

Unfortunately, the listing offers little other information about the bundle, but with E3 right around the corner maybe we'll hear something at Sony's press briefing. Earlier today, another Amazon listing was spotted for The Last Guardian.