PS4 Trophies now have ‘Rarity’

Trophies on the PlayStation 4 will still be classified, based on difficulty, as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum — as they are on the PlayStation 3 and Vita — but Sony is now adding a new twist: Rareness.

In a demo showcasing the PS4's interface, Sony showed off the new system which will now classify trophies as common, rare, very rare, or ultra rare as well.

Rarity, according to Sony, is a dynamic quality that's calculated online across the PlayStation network of gamers. A Trophy may prove rare because it's either tough to get or because so few people have bought the game to unlock it. Because of these dynamic associations, rarity of a Trophy can change over time. Theoretically, a bronze Trophy, which is fairly easy to unlock, can still be considered rare if not a lot of PlayStation users have played the game and earned it. At the same time, a Platinum trophy — usually the hardest to unlock — can be common.

Earning Trophies still fills a progress bar that levels up the numerical rank of the person earning them, and Trophies still have to sync online, though they can still be earned offline.