PS4 to be in ‘good supply’ for the holiday season

Didn't get a PlayStation 4 at launch, but still looking to surprise that loved one for Christmas? Don't worry, you're in luck. Sony's next-gen system should be in good supply for the holidays.

Speaking to GameInformer, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House seemed confident in his company's ability to meet demand for the holiday rush.

“[This is] the first platform launch that I’ve ever been involved with where we’ve had such a good production ramp up and a good sense of supply,” he said. “I think that we will be in good supply in the countries that we’ve launched in.”

The PlayStation 4 launched in North America last Friday, November 15th. It will be available in Europe on November 29.

“You try to strike a balance, particularly for us with such a strong brand in all the European countries and across the Middle East,” House explained. “We are ensuring that we have the broadest reach to ensure that people are satisfied, especially when they’ve been loyal to brand for so long.

"On the other hand, we’re not engendering frustration by having a shortage of supply. I think through the holiday season that we’ll be in good supply," he added.

The PlayStation 4 remains sold out online at many retailers, but there's always the off-chance you can find one sitting around at a local store. Or you can opt to buy one from one of the resellers on Amazon who are listing the PS4 for close to $900. I suggest waiting.