PS4 takes about 17 seconds to boot, according to new video

With the PlayStation 4 set to release this Friday (November 15), more and more videos are beginning to trickle in from people who have received their console early. The latest comes from YouTuber "CJ Cool" who has not only been posting photos of the system's menu, but also uploaded a video of the PS4 performing a cold boot-up.

From the time he presses the button (about 0:04) to the time you get to actually sign-in (0:21) is about 17 seconds total. Keep in mind, this is a cold boot. Things should get a little quicker once Sony implements Suspend mode which puts the PS4 in a low power state while preserving the game session. And who knows how much faster it may get once the day one patch goes through. Either way, the 17 seconds in this video is shorter than GameInformer's previously reported 30 seconds.

Elsewhere in the video, you can see the actual sign-in screen where you'll be able to select the profile you want to access. If you plan on owning a PS Eye, it's been reported that it'll use facial recognition technology to automatically sign you in to your profile.

What do you think of the PS4's boot speed?