PS4 sales drop again in Japan

For the second consecutive week PlayStation 4 sales have dropped in Japan. For the week spanning March 3 through March 9, 2014, just 35,294 PS4 consoles were sold in Sony's home market, according to Media Create. That's a 30,000 unit drop from the previous week's sales of 65,000 consoles.

The PS4 got off to a hot start in Japan, selling 309,000 units at launch, but Since then sales have tailed off. The PlayStation 4 still led all hardware sales for the week, but the gap has closed quickly. The 3DS sold 35,068 units while the Vita, Sony's own handheld, sold 33,287 units. Even the PS3 managed 12,102 units sold. While the PS4 is still at the top, the rapid drop in sales is certainly worrisome for Sony's new console.

Lifetime sales for the PS4 in Japan currently sit at 410,133. Sony recently announced that sales worldwide have topped 6 million units.