PS4 sales could be 50% higher than Xbox One, survey indicates

A new report in which consumers were surveyed on their next-gen console purchase intent has revealed the possibility that PlayStation 4 sales have the potential be "nearly 50 percent higher than Xbox One."

Results from Strategy Analytics' latest ConsumerMetrix survey*, reported in "Games Consoles: Purchase Intention Index Q2 2013," indicate that 14.2% of consumers are "very or somewhat likely to buy a PS4 within the next twelve months." Comparitvely, just 9.5% will buy an Xbox One.

As explained, "If the results were reflected in sales data this would imply that sales of PS4 would be nearly fifty percent higher than Xbox One."

"Our survey suggests that consumers believe the PS4 will win the early phase of the next generation console war," said Jia Wu, Director, Connected Home Devices (CHD). "Sony's performance at E3 was widely accepted as superior to Microsoft's, and the survey evidence suggests this has already fed through to the wider consumer market."

The report notes that the PS4 leads in both U.S. and Europe, and that in the key 20-35 age group nearly 30% of respondents are "very or somewhat likely to buy a PS4 compared to under 20% for the Xbox One."

Digital Media Strategies' Director Ed Barton acknowledged, however,  "There are still likely to be a few twists and turns before market launch."

"Microsoft has already demonstrated a willingness to listen to consumer concerns and it will now need to leverage the retention power of Xbox Live and invest in exclusive games if Xbox One is going to recover from its poor showing at E3," he said. Barton was, of course, referring to Microsoft's reversal on the Xbox One's DRM and used-game policy. Shortly after E3, Microsoft removed the system's restrictions allowing users to play used games freely on the Xbox One with no internet connection or check-ins required. Even more recent, it's rumored that Microsoft is reversing its policy on publishing requirements, essentially allowing independent studios to release games on the Xbox One without a publisher partner.

All of these changes could help the Xbox One gain momentum heading into launch, though Microsoft maintains that demand for the new console is already "through the roof."

Have you pre-ordered your next-gen console yet? PS4 or Xbox One… or both!?

*Note: "The survey interviewed a representative population sample of more than 6000 respondents across the US and Europe in June 2013.

Methodology: Strategy Analytics conducted an online survey, the ConsumerMetrix Survey fielded in June 2013. The sample consisted of n=2062 individuals in the US and n=4118 in Europe ages 15-74. Strategy Analytics weighted the data by country, age, gender and internet use to represent the US and European populations of internet users, respectively."