PS4’s Driveclub pops up on Sony Rewards site

Driveclub, the highly anticipated PS4-exclusive racer from Evolution Studios, has appeared on Sony's Rewards website. It's an indication that the game's release, which has yet to be announced, could be imminent. At the very least, it suggests that Sony might make an announcement soon. Or maybe it's just a premature posting. 

Either way, Driveclub is now listed as a reward on the site for 5,999 points. Unfortunately, it doesn't show a release date, but you can add it to your cart. Make of that what you will.

Driveclub Sony Rewards

Driveclub was originally supposed to be a PS4 launch title but was delayed to "early 2014" shortly before the system's release. It was believed that the delay was a result of Evolution trying to get the game compatible with Project Morpheus, Sony's newly revealed Virtual Reality headset, but Sony dismissed that rumor.  Regardless of the real reason, Sony says Evolution is making "spectacular" progress on the game and that the company is "looking forward to sharing an update on development, release date and videos of the game in action in the weeks to come."