PS4 Camera supports navigational voice commands

Sony has quietly revealed that the PlayStation 4's Camera will support navigational voice commands and facial recognition. Sony hasn't talked much about the PS Eye, which is sold separately from the PlayStation 4, but it seems that it has received quite a few enhancements.

I find it particularly entertaining that a feature Microsoft has touted since the very beginning was revealed so nonchalantly by its competition.

Sony opted not to include a PlayStation Camera with every PS4; SCEA president Jack Tretton explained, "to force every consumer to have one on day one, when some of them may be on a limited budget and don’t necessarily have the interest in it, or to mandate that the development community has to support it… ends up coming up a little bit short in terms of things of things that people can get excited about."

The decision to not include it has helped Sony establish a price for the PS4 that is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. And now that the two system's are quite similar in features and policy, that price is a real sticking point.

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