PS4 and Vita ‘Ultimate Bundle’ coming in December

Well, it was only a matter of time, right? Sony is reportedly putting together a new "Ultimate Bundle" that offers games the newly released PS4 along with the PlayStation Vita handheld included. Given the two systems' ability to communicate with one another — including Remote Play — a bundle like this was figured to be announced sooner or late.

It now appears it will be offered sooner, as MCV is reporting the PS4/Vita Ultimate Bundle will launch before Christmas.

Remote Play has been one of Sony's major focal points with the next-gen launch. It allows gamers to play most PS4 games on their handheld Vita device via WiFi, freeing up the television for other activities. In addition, Sony has supported the Vita with incentives like cross-buy, which gives you both the Vita and PS3/PS4 version of a game, and cross-play, which allows gameplay to seamlessly carry over from one PlayStation device to another.

No price tag for the PS4/Vita Ultimate Bundle was mentioned. It should also be noted that this has only been uncovered for Europe, but we assume a similar bundle will be offered here in America.

[David Scammell]