PS4 2012 announcement looks very doubtful, PS Vita is Sony’s “number one priority”

Many rumors have been circulating recently about Sony announcing a new PlayStation 4 console this year – possibly at E3 2012.  Despite Sony confirming at CES that they have no intention of making any new PS4 hardware announcement or reveal at E3, many still insist a new console is coming.  Both Kaz Hirai and Andy House have been on record saying there is no way Sony makes any new announcements, with Hirai even maintaining a stance on Sony's original 10-year life cycle for the PS3.

Well, good news for those of you getting fed up with PS4 rumors.  President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, Andrew House, pretty much squashed all hopes for a new console in 2012.  In an interview with CVG, House stated the PS Vita will be Sony's "number one priority" for this year.

"From the SCE perspective, I think a lot rests on the success of PS Vita, and that will be our equal number one priority," House said, hopefully putting all rumors to rest.

"We went through a very tough time in the company in getting to a point of profitability, and I think we're now beginning to enjoy the benefits of that," he added.

During a year which saw the gaming industry drop 8% in sales, Sony took comfort in a strong finish closing out 2011 "with a bang".  According to the NPD and emphasized by Sony's Patrick Seybold, "Consumers flocked to PlayStation consoles and handhelds this holiday season with more than 6.5 million units sold worldwide."

As for the 2012 year, House hopes Sony he'll "start to see next year delivering on some of the organizational changes and new strategies that are being laid down now."

"It's my hope that within the next year we'll start to see tangible benefits in terms of products and experiences that can show this new path and strategy for Sony."

House concluded that since they are now at a point of profitability, it "gives us some more leeway in being able to look at the future and areas of new investment in terms of new business models and new approaches to gaming."

"It looks to be a far more positive year, I hope, than 2011, and one that yields great benefits to gamers around the world," he concluded.

So he didn't exactly rule out a PlayStation 4 announcement in the recent interview, but I think with the PlayStation Vita being Sony's number one priority, coupled with previous statements that Sony will not announce a new console, pretty much assure we will not see or hear about a PlayStation 4 in 2012.