PS3 Splinter Cell Trilogy Based on PC Versions

The Splinter Cell trilogy is headed to the PlayStation 3, and it’s going to be based on the PC versions of the games. Ubisoft’s Alex Monney delivered the news in a statement on the PlayStation Blog: “When we started this project, one of our main goals was to provide the players with the best possible content, hence we decided to port the game from the PC version which had more content and detail compared to the PS2 version.”

The first Splinter Cell, according to MobyGames, had several differences between platforms, most notably in level design and bonus content (including four levels). It’s unlikely that all of the various forms will show up in the trilogy unless they’re added in later, and it’s a shame, considering the audience that will be anticipating the remakes.

Although PS3 owners won’t be victim of the inferior PS2 versions in comparison with the PC and Xbox games, none of the three will feature any multiplayer. The lack of Mercs vs. Spies, for example, will be a big loss for those who want to warp back in time a bit, but you can’t argue with the classic Splinter Cell games in remastered HD.

Apparently there’s no set release date, but the PlayStation Blog’s URL kind of gives it away (“coming-to-ps3-in-june”). The three games (Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) will be available as a trilogy pack on Blu-Ray and individually on PSN.