PS3 Exclusive Amy Just Revealed

News has just surfaced for an upcoming PS3 downloadable exclusive. The game is being developed by Vector Cell, a French developer that hasn’t done much aside from a single DS game in 2008. The studio was founded by Paul Cuisset, creator of the Flashback series, and the original team is now working on a project called Amy.

Amy is a survival horror game where players must escort and protect a small girl named (surprise) Amy. The game unfolds in the year 2034, after a comet hits a mid-western town and people start going crazy. You play as a woman named Lana, a wounded survivor infected by whatever ailment has struck the rest of the town. She’s determined to find a cure; together she and Amy must make their escape.

The game seems to have more of an emphasis on puzzle-solving than confrontation, though close-quarters combat will be possible. The only problem is that your character is weaker than most of the monsters, crazy people, and soldiers in the game. Think of it more as a stealth game with combat elements tossed in for when there’s trouble.

The main hook of the game is the relationship you’ll forge with the little girl, Amy. While it might sound like a glorified escort mission, the idea is somewhat more ambitious. As you protect Amy, she’ll become more trusting and eventually reveal her abilities to you. There will even be moments where you may have to put yourself in harm’s way to protect the girl, though the developer is currently tight-lipped as to how.

Amy sounds like it could be something special. The premise is certainly unique, and the Flashback pedigree will be a big deal for many fans. With summer deadline for release, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this underdog title soon enough.