PS3 Battlefield 3 Edging Out 360

While the upcoming Battlefield 3 is a PC game first and foremost, with the platform considered “lead sku” by the developers, so far it’s unclear how its native design will affect console versions of the game. A tweet by Christina Ann Coffin, Frostbite Engine Coder at BF3 developer DICE, shed some light on which console version could be superior:

“Not done until we ship, a bit early to make fair comparisons between the two but ps3 has a lead by offloading gpu w/ SPU.”

While 360 and PS3 have always competed for first place when it comes to superior versions, Battlefield 3 is a technical powerhouse, so this kind of info is surely bait for those who devour hardware stats. Ultimately, if you want the best version, the answer is already there (PC), but it will be interesting to see which of the two ends up edging out the other when the game is finished.

For now, I say they’ll both probably look pretty damn great.