PS Vita reaches one million sales in Japan

It finally happened, everyone! The Vita has sold one million units in its native Japan! Sadly, that news is equal parts awesome and depressing if you're Sony.

It's taken 42 weeks for the Vita to hit the one million sales mark in Japan, but it only took the company 14 weeks to reach that number with the PSP. Additionally, Nintendo was able to sell one million 3DS units in Japan after 12 weeks. So yeah, this is probably not the greatest news for Sony, even if it may not be exactly terrible, either.

The Vita continues to struggle in the video game hardware market. As of the week of October 1, the handheld was able to reach 7,857 sales, while the PSP achieved 17,769 and the 3DS turned out 63,669 units.

[NeoGAF via Destructoid]

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