PS Vita gets a price cut in Japan

In an effort to move more units, Sony has announced a price cut for the struggling PlayStation Vita handheld. During tonight's PlayStation Vita stream, SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano confirmed the drop in price.

Under the new plan, both Vita models — 3G and Wi-Fi — will receive substantial price cuts and will now be priced at 19,980 yen, or about $215. The 3G/Wi-Fi model previously cost 30,000 yen ($299) while the Wi-Fi-only was 25,000 yen ($249).

Sony hasn't yet announced any plans for a similar drop here in the U.S., but I imagine it's on its way. Maybe Sony is waiting to announce the price cut at the event on Wednesday? Though the PS4 reveal is expected to dominate the event, maybe Sony will find some time for the Vita. More importantly, will a price reduction attract more users to the system — especially with brand new living room consoles presumably on the horizon?