PS Plus reminder: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons free tomorrow on PS3

Have you beaten DmC Devil May Cry or BioShock Infinite yet? I hope so because Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, January's third free PlayStation Plus game for PS3, is set to become available tomorrow.

Brothers: A Tales of Two Sons follows the journey of two brothers on an quest to find a cure for their dying father. It features a unique control system in which each brother is assigned to a different thumbstick. You must use both brothers cooperatively to solve puzzle and explore the mysterious environments around you.

"Controlling the two brothers of the story with one analog stick each can take some getting used to," says Sony's Kristine Steimer, "but you’ll find your rhythm as you solve puzzles with the end goal of saving your ailing father."

In addition to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Vita owners will also be treated to a free game tomorrow: Worms: Battle Islands. Both games should be available for free to PS Plus members tomorrow following the PlayStation Store update. PlayStation 4 owners, meanwhile, were given Don't Starve as their free game this month.

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