Project Eternity to offer DRM-free version on GOG

Obsidian Entertainment's Kickstarter for Project Eternity just keeps rolling, with the latest announcement that a DRM free option will be made available via GOG. For those unfamiliar, Project Eternity is a working title for an upcoming role-playing game that "aims to recapture the magic, imagination, depth, and nostalgia of classic RPGs that we enjoyed making – and playing."

For those who have pledged at least $25, you will be able to choose between a key to the already announced Steam version or the DRM-free version on GOG. Unfortunately, since GOG is only offered on PC, Obsidian is looking into a DRM-free option for Mac computers since there will now be a Mac version available.

With over $1.6 million now pledged, fans have unlocked the stretch goal that allows for a Mac version of the game and a new major storyline along with new quests, locations, NPCs, and unique loot.

In addition to this wonderful news, Obsidian also took time to announce new digital tiers of $50 and $80. $50 will get you the digital version of the game, the soundtrack, the digital version of the Collector’s Book, a collection of wallpapers made for multiple resolutions and multiple monitors, high resolution concept art, a high resolution version of the map, and ringtones. The $80 tier you will get all of that plus a digital copy of the strategy guide, and a second digital download of the game.

Obsidian also mentioned that the stretch goals will get updated "very soon". The next goal currently requires $1.8 million and will add a new playable race, class, and companion from the selected class. To help fund Project Eternity, check out their Kickstarter.