Project Blackstone is a teaser site for SC2: Heart of the Swarm

Remember back in November when Blizzard registered the domain name "Project Blackstone"? Well, it appears to have been related to upcoming expansion, StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

The newly launched site, which requires you to log-in with a special password (Y7_$0>0k_3< $m), serves as a teaser for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.  Bearing a Terran militaristic insignia, the site is designed to replicate an email thread from Helek Barnamoor, PhD Chairman on Dominion Xenostudies, Imperial Science Advisor, and Chief of Research for Project Blackstone to Blackstone Research Staff. 

The initial email from Branamoor reveals the acquisition of several larval zerg specimens for research (and barbecuing). However, it is met with a snarky response from Dr. Talen Ayers, "PhD Xenobiologist, bestselling author of Ayers on Aliens, and frustrated invitee." Ayers' response seems to suggest that he, along with the other Blackstone Staff who were "handpicked by top officials in Dominion intelligence and approved by Emperor Mengsk himself," were actually kidnapped to work on Project Blackstone.

Personally, I love this type of viral marketing for a game. It really sets the tone for the highly anticipated expansion which is due out on March 12. To read the full email thread check out the Project Blackstone website. Remember to use the password provided above.