Pro streamer Ninja opens up about his plans to conquer Hollywood

Spread your wings

Tyler Blevins, or Ninja as many more will recognize him as, is apparently planning to span his wings across the boundaries of games. Natalie Jarvey from Hollywood Reporter had an eye-opening interview with the popular gamer and media personality where Ninja opened up about his ambitions.

Ninja is the undoubted King of Streamers and regardless whether you enjoy his output or not, he is the face of the modern way of entertainment. With millions of fans following his every steps, talking about it with friends and family, he is a big reason for gaming and streaming to become more mainstream.

Now, Blevins has set his sights on Hollywood in a more immediate way. Instead of just hawking its content, he wants to star in it. That’s why Blevins showed up on The Masked Singer last year (only to go home on the first night) and the reason he filmed a cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming gamer movie, Free Guy. He’s looking at “literally anything and everything Hollywood,” he tells me when we video chat in mid-July. “Movies, voice acting, cartoons.” – Hollywood Reporter

As such, the news that Ninja plans to broaden his appeal from just gaming into movies and music is a good thing generally. Seeing a professional streamer on the big screen will go a long way in legitimizing esports and game streaming for an entirely new demographic.

His jump to other forms of entertainment is the logical step really. With his infamous exclusivity deal with the now-defunct Mixer, Ninja already proved to be a magnet for viewers. There’s very little doubt that a movie starring him will drive droves of his fans alone to theaters.