Prison Architect heading to Consoles

Introversion gets a prisoner transfer sent to PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Prison Architect

Prison simulator and indie darling Introversion Software has had great success with their game Prison Architect. So much so that they’re bringing it to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. With the help of video game publisher Double Eleven, the team is making moved to bring the love of managing a prison to the console realm.

Crowdfunded five years ago with many updates to follow, Prison Architect finally saw full release in Fall of 2015. With their success on the PC, Introversion was actually approached by Double Eleven to bring their project to consoles.

The new console versions will bring various new gameplay features including new modes. These modes inlude Prison Warden Mode which allows players to jump right into a number of pre-built prisons already bussling with prisoners to jump right into the heat of incarceration. Another feature added will be the World of Wardens. Players can upload their prisons to a database, allowing others to download and take a swing at your prison themselves.

Prison Architect consists of fighting the fires, both metaphorically and literally, of running a prison. Riots, floods, escapes, etc. Players start with a small pool of funds, a grass field, some workers and a countdown to the arrival of your first set of prisoners. The lack of preparedness is both an uncomfortable and accurate depiction of the real All-American Prison System.

Prison Architect heading to Playstation 4

Since full release this Fall, Prison Architect now has a campaign mode called Prison Stories that runs alongside its sandbox mode. Serving as a story-driven tutorial that prepares players as best it can for the disaster that is prison management.

Prison Architect will be available for Playstation 4 , Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the Spring of 2016.