Prince of Persia Just got a lot Sexier

Prince of Persia Just got a lot Sexier

Prince of Persia Warrior Within
adds another layer to the intense, action-packed gaming experience with the
addition of Monica Bellucci and metal band Godsmack to its game credits.

The heat is on and it’s in the form of beautiful Italian
actress, Monica Bellucci. Best known for her role in “The Matrix: Reloaded” and
“The Matrix: Revolutions,” Bellucci’s character adds an element of mystery and
danger to the game’s storyline as Kaileena, a helpless servant to the “Empress
of Time.” With her sultry voice and supreme acting skills, Bellucci seductively
gives power and personality to Kaileena, helping to add a sensual realism to the
deeply-immersive storyline. Watch the trailer featuring Bellucci as she talks
about her involvement with PoP:WW.
Prince of Persia-
Warrior Within Bellucci Video

And if you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, it does. Adding
to the repertoire of hot talent, heavy metal band Godsmack add their two
sizzling tracks, “I Stand Alone,” and “Straight Out of Line” to the PoP:WW
soundtrack. With PoP:WW featuring a darker Prince and a darker storyline,
Godsmack’s songs fittingly add to the edgier tone of the game with its pounding
guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics. Check out the latest trailer from PoP:WW,
featuring “I Stand Alone.”
Prince of Persia-
Warrior Within Godsmack Video

Not into heavy metal or seductive Italian beauties? PoP:WW also
features an original cinematic score that includes classical melodies composed
by Inon Zur, one of the leading composers of orchestral music for video games.
Recorded by the world-famous Hollywood Studio Symphony, PoP:WW’s beautiful
musical score tellingly adds more depth and emotion to the gameplay experience.
Listen to the music samples from the cinematic score and feel the emotions
invoked within you.
Prince of Persia- Warrior Within Cinematic Score

Prince of Persia Warrior Within™ ships in November for the
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from
Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube™ and PC-CD Rom. For more information, news and
updated content about Prince of Persia Warrior Within™, visit the game’s
official website,