Prince of Persia Creator Jordan Mechner Wants to Revive Franchise

Jordan Mechner wants to bring Prince of Persia back, but does the original creator have enough authority in Ubisoft to make it happen?

Prince of Persia Creator Jordan Mechner Wants to Revive Franchise

Prince of Persia was definitely a worthy mention for its era. The mid-00s saw the release of three Prince of Persia titles before Ubisoft moved on to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. While Assassin’s Creed is the result of the natural progression of the series’ mechanics, there are many fans that miss the old feel and story of the old series.

One such fan, Chrissy Teigan, a model and TV show host, posted on Twitter about how much she enjoyed Prince of Persia and wondered if the franchise was still kicking. Jordan Mechner, the creator of the original Prince of Persia, tweeted back.

When we say Mechner was the original creator, we mean the original, as in the 1989 side-scrolling Prince of Persia. He was also very much involved in the Sands of Time trilogy of games and is obviously still attached to the series.

While there’s nothing else indicating the intention of bringing the franchise back, it wouldn’t be ill received. As mentioned earlier, Assassin’s Creed is seen as the successor of the series. What’s more, the original Assassin’s Creed was actually going to be a true spin-off from the Prince of Persia series before it was fully realized.

Mechner’s tweet is far from solid evidence of any sort of development, and more of a shared hope of seeing more, but if anyone has any say on the idea, it’s probably him. If we ever see the return of Prince of Persia, be sure to check back at GameZone for the announcement.