Preorder BioShock Infinite through the Irrational Games store and shipping is free for a limited time

As someone who is a huge BioShock fan, I can’t get enough of anything BioShock related.  BioShock Infinite is definitely one of my most anticipated games of 2013.  Irrational Games has just announced that any purchase from the Irrational Games Store will be sent with free shipping; this of course includes BioShock Infinite preorders

The only down part about this news is that it isn’t backward combatable.  If you ordered or preordered something in the past, the shipping fees still apply.  We’re not focused on the past though; it’s all about the future from this point on.  Or… maybe this point on.  Receiving games in the mail is pretty damn awesome.  This offer will be going until December 23rd. 

This deal is only for those living in the US.  While international customers are still eligible, the price reduction for shipping will be 50% in savings instead of free.  That’s still nothing to shake your head at.

BioShock Infinite. 


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