Pre-Order Homefront and Get a Free OnLive Microconsole

OnLive, the cloud PC gaming service, is offering up their dedicated microconsole for free with pre-orders of THQ’s upcoming first-person shooter Homefront. The deal is only available to a limited number of people between now and March 14 and includes free access to Metro 2033 through OnLive’s service.

The microconsole is a dedicated set-top box that hooks up to a TV and uses a controller to instantly access games over the cloud. Homefront will be accessible on the OnLive service at midnight on March 15.

The only catch is that players won’t get the OnLive microconsole until Homefront launches. This is a great deal if you already use OnLive on your computer and intend to play Homefront that way, but it’s not necessarily the best deal if you’re stuck waiting for the microconsole to arrive. The full details of the offer can be found at OnLive’s blog.