Pre-order SimCity Digital Deluxe edition, get up to $50 in savings

EA really wants you to pre-order the new SimCity. So much so, that they're willing to give you additional savings to use on other games from Origin.

The Digital Deluxe Edition retails for $79.99 and comes packaged with tons of in-game content. The Heroes and Villains Pack will let you unleash the Evil Dr. Vu in your city and MaxisMan to stop his nefarious schemes. You'll also be able to build a special Super Hero HQ and Evil Villain Lair. The European City sets will allow you to transform your city to resemble France, Germany or London, with special landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Brandenburg Gate.

However pre-ordering the Deluxe set will also net you a special $10 off promo code that you're able to use up to five times for a total of $50 in savings.

If you're still unconvinced about SimCity, or didn't get to try the beta, make sure to check out our Preview.

Hurry though, because this sale ends today!