Pre-load Mass Effect 3 on PC this Friday

Mass Effect 3 doesn't officially release until Tuesday, March 6th, but if you enjoy the idea of teasing yourself days before launch you can begin to install the game on your PC as early as tomorrow. 

With the size of Mass Effect 3 and day one DLC who wants to spend launch day downloading and installing the game?  No one, which is why EA has decided to make the game available for pre-loading.

Fans who have pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 via Origin, and are a glutton for punishment, can start pre-loading the game on their PC as early as Friday, March 2nd.  You can download the game files early and begin your adventures in what looks to be a thrilling conclusion to the Mass Effect 3 trilogy.

Since Mass Effect 3 won't be available anywhere besides Origin, those planning on playing the game on PC might as well pre-order it to ensure access to the game the moment EA unlocks it.  Of course, installing early doesn't mean early access.

You can pre-order Mass Effect 3 on Origin.  Don't forget all of the Mass Effect 3 goodies included!

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