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Only Volleyball Game For The PlayStation® Game Console Offers More Than 40
Licensed Players Including Renowned Superstar Gabby Reece


JOSE, CA – November 21, 2000 -Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM), a global
publisher of interactive entertainment software, announced today that it is
shipping the ultimate beach volleyball experience this week. Power Spike Pro
Beach Volleyball for the PlayStation® game console is heading to store
shelves this week. In December, the Nintendo® Game Boy® Color version of the
game will also be available.


Spike Pro Beach Volleyball will feature more than 40 Federation of
International Volleyball (FIVB) players competing on 14 courts around the
world. Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball is the only beach volleyball game
currently available for the PlayStation.


we all love to find Gabby Reece and Sinjin Smith under our tree this holiday
season?” said Laddie Ervin, director of marketing for sports & racing at
Infogrames, Inc. “Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball’s licensed players and
realistic gameplay capture the game of beach volleyball so well that gamers
will think it’s already summer again!”


by Paris-based Carapace, Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball is endorsed by
volleyball manufacturer Mikasa® and offers authentic touches such as dink
shots, flying sand and dynamic crowd reactions.


Spike Pro Beach Volleyball’s licensed male and female volleyball players
include Gabby Reece, Sinjin Smith, Carl Henkel, Liz Masakayan, Elaine Youngs
and many more. Gamers can play as one of the FIVB players, or they can create
their own beach pro using the Player Editor and choose to play against
volleyball’s finest.


14 beach courts in Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball can be found in exotic
locales including Sydney, Australia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Marseilles,
France; Los Angeles, USA; Osaka, Japan; Acapulco, Mexico and more.


addition to an accurate visual representation of FIVB beach volleyball, Power
Spike Pro Beach Volleyball’s several game modes offer deep gameplay with one
to four opponents playing at the same time in various configurations (using
the Multi Tap™):


player mode, with the computer controlling the second player 

player cooperative mode, with two human players against the artificial
intelligence (AI) 

player versus mode, in which each human is partnered by a computer 

player mode, featuring a cooperative human team against a human-AI

player mode, two cooperative teams facing each-other


will be challenged with three different game modes. Practice mode lets players
work on their volleyball skills on a special practice court. Exhibition mode
is a simple match but can be played with any licensed player or a custom
player on any court. The World Tour mode is the most complex mode of the game
– an FIVB season consisting of eight tournaments with 16 teams competing in a
double elimination type draw.


Spike Pro Beach Volleyball for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color will be
available in most major retail stores at an estimated retail price of $29.99.


Spike Pro Beach Volleyball for the PlayStation will be available this week,
while the Game Boy Color version ships to stores in mid-December. For more
information visit the game’s official Web site at www.spikevb.com.


Spike® is a registered trademark of Regent Sports Corporation and is used
under license by Regent Sports Corporation.


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