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Also Announces PC Title Scheduled to Release Fall 2001


HILLS, CA – May 2, 2001 THQ Inc. (NASDAQ NMS: THQI) and Saban Consumer
Products today announced the release of Power Rangers Time Force™ for Game
Boy® Color. Developer Natsume created a game that combines all the action and
adventure from the top-rated television show in an all-new Power Rangers
adventure now available at retail outlets nationwide. THQ also announced that
it will publish Power Rangers Time Force for PC to coincide with the release
of THQ’s previously announced ‘Time Force’ adventures for Game Boy
Advance and PlayStation this fall. The Power Rangers Time Force videogame
franchise is based on Saban’s newest Power Rangers television series.


has done an amazing job creating a franchise that has topped the ratings
charts for nine years,” commented Alison Locke, executive vice president,
North American publishing, THQ. “We were thrilled with the success of our
first Power Rangers videogame release last year and we look forward to
bringing the Power Rangers Time Force show to nearly every popular game system
this fall.”


Fox Kids Network’s Power Rangers is a favorite TV show among boys ages 6-11,
according to the Nielsen Galaxy Report,” stated Elie Dekel, President, Saban
Consumer Products. “The newest Power Rangers TV series, Power Rangers Time
Force began airing on February 3 on Fox Kids Network with 52 all-new episodes.
The new Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Game Boy Color and PC games will allow
fans to interact with the Power Rangers team as they travel through time in
exciting new adventures.”


THQ’s newly released Power Rangers Time Force for Game Boy Color, gamers
will play as a member of the elite Power Rangers Time Force team in
action-based combat while exploring multiple areas and experiencing different
story lines throughout time. Players will also be able to choose their paths
in time to test their strength, skill and their authentic Power Ranger devices
including the Chrono Sabre and Vortex Bazooka to stop the evil Ransik and his
criminal-cronies from manipulating the time line.


Rangers Time Force for PC will allow players to assume the role of their
favorite Power Ranger hero in a variety of arcade-style games including
side-scrolling action and challenging puzzles. Power Ranger-themed levels
include Cyclobot Round Up, Time Jet Rescue, Roman Tile Match, Miles of Nile
and the Laser Showdow. Each of the games will feature varying difficulty
settings for maximum replay value. Power Rangers Time Force for PC is
scheduled for release fall 2001.


more information on Power Rangers Time Force and the rest of THQ’s 2001
line-up, visit www.thq.com.


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