Possible open-world Star Wars game in the works?

Nothing has been confirmed, but some job postings from EA Canada suggests that the studio is working on an open-world Star Wars game.

As Kotaku discovered, EA Canada is searching for an animation director to work on a "major new next gen open world action game." That game appears to be Star Wars, as evidenced by the studio's then-recruiter tweeting a link to another position as lead combat designer for a mysterious open-world game.

Two of EA's studios — DICE and EA Redwood Shores (aka Visceral Games) — have already been confirmed to be working on Star Wars games. DICE, the developer of Battlefield, is working on a new Battlefront, while it's not yet known what Redwood Shores project is.

It's worth noting, however, that these positions at EA Canada could be for the same game as Redwood Shores. Two other executive producer positions — eerily similar in job description — want someone who has experience with "multi-site development."

Electronic Arts recently snagged the exclusive license to create Star Wars games after agreeing to a multi-year deal with Disney. The publisher/developer conglomerate has expressed its desire to create games that are based more on the universe of Star Wars and not the films specifically. With a universe as in-depth as Star Wars, I'm excited to see the type of open-world concept EA can craft.