PoPoLoCrois and Harvest Moon are having a 3DS baby

There's a new game in town, and it's fusing together an obscure PSP game and popular farming game franchise for the Nintendo 3DS.

PoPoLoCrois started off as a manga by Tamori Yousuke, then it became an anime and spawned into five tactical role-playing games. While PoPoLo retained a fan base in Japan, it hasn't seen the same amount of success in the West that it's new mate, Harvest Moon, has. 

The two games have come together to form a a tactical role-playing farming simulator. Interesting right? The game (that has yet to announce an official title) will take key elements from both games and fuse them together. It will retain the turn-based battles and characters (including hero Prince Pietro) from Popolo and the farming and simulating elements from Harvest Moon.

The weekly Famitsu revealed this news, scans of the article are courtesy of Otakomu.

Check out the scans, we think we know what that girl is growing on the side.

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