PopCap Scores $100 Million Revenue In 2010

Casual gaming giant PopCap has credited the likes of Facebook and the App Store for helping it topple $100 million in revenue for 2010. Bejeweled, Peggle, and the Plants vs. Zombie games (to name a few) are all the brainchildren of PopCap and are some of the funkiest games across all major platforms.

A recent Business Insider report details PopCap’s growth, headlined by a 25 percent revenue increase from 2009. While desktop gaming is still the company’s biggest income, the mobile and console gaming platforms have grown significantly, resulting in the massive revenue boost.

The report reveals that in 2005, desktop gaming accounted for 63 percent of PopCap’s revenue, whereas in 2010 that number dropped to 38 percent. Mobile gaming has stayed the same at 34 percent, but the number of sales through the App Store contributed significantly to the increased revenue.

The two big growth areas are online gaming and console gaming, with figures rising from 2 percent to 14 percent and 1 percent to 13 percent, respectively. The company is now far from its previous reliance on desktop gaming for revenue (once over 50 percent), instead switching to a third in the desktop, mobile, and online and console regions.

Admire a bunch of images with all kinds of facts, figures, and statistics in the full Business Insider report.