PopCap Holiday 3D View Master Teases New Game

A package from PopCap arrived today, which included a bunch of things. First off, it included a very festive and colorful foldable calendar, which features PopCap's many characters.

The next item was a 3D View Master, a relic of my childhood that I don't think I've seen ever since I was 5 years old. It included a cute Holiday Survival Guide, also featuring their colorful cast of characters.

But hidden in a separate envelope was another View Master disc, which was titled Popcorn Dragon, and featured a slide show with a "little dragon, with big dreams" and then a slide saying the world premiere of Popcorn Dragon will be Spring 2012.

Kudos PopCap. Kudos for bringing out the inner hipster in me by rekindling me with the View Master, and kudos for such a unique way to tease a game.