Pokemon Global Link Now Live

Pokemon Black and White’s browser-based cousin just launched, following a two week delay caused by the recent earthquake in Japan. The Pokemon Dream World was one of the most anticipated features of the new games and the Global Link service itself, but the servers have been down for Europe and the U.S. since the western launch.

Now that the website is live, you can hook up your DS and get your Game Sync ID linked together, and the Dream World is yours for the taking. The feature allows you to capture essentially overpowered Pokemon—whether they be non-Unova natives or Pokemon with abilities not normally possessed in the game. Items are obtained by completing mini-games and interacting with other users and their Pokemon.

You can enter and exit the Dream World whenever you please, and your Pokemon can travel to and from your DS on command. It’s an ideal place to obtain, as previously mentioned, rare Pokemon that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise.

The Global Battle Union is the service’s other main feature. It pairs you with random players for battles and tracks your stats, so you’ll be able to compile all of your results to show off to your friends. Of all the features a Pokemon game needed, casual matchmaking is definitely one of them.