Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks bring new screenshots, Starter Pokemon details & more

The game looks a lot like the TV show now! Or maybe even Pokemon Colosseum...

The buzz around the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon is not going to die down any time soon and the latest reported leak has uncovered some more details, giving fans even more food for thought. 

After The Pokemon Company released a teaser trailer for the titles just a few days ago, it became apparent that the three newest starter Pokemon would consist of a "Grass Quill Pokémon" called Rowlet, a Fire Cat Pokémon" called Litten, and Popplio, a "Sea-Lion Pokémon."

The reaction has been pretty positive since the game's newest additions were revealed, with many fans wanting to know a little bit more about their potential new companions. 

So, one redditor – TheLagoon22 – started to do a bit of digging on the Japanese Pokemon website, and eventually stumbled across some rather interesting information about the starter Pokemon. 

As explained in HeroVoltsy's video above, the Japanese symbols uncovered by the Reddit user seem to suggest that Rowlet might well be a grass/flying type, Litten looks to be a fire/ground type and finally Popplio is seemingly a water/fighting type. 

The video above also shows a few new screenshots for the game, featuring a brand new HP bar, trainers being involved in Pokemon battle scenes and much more!

Also, if you would like to read more details of this potential leak click here, where you will be redirected to TheLagoon22's Reddit post.