Pokemon GO Trading and Real-Time Player Battles Coming Soon

Is Pokemon Go making a comeback?

Niantic, developers behind Pokemon GO,  has announced something true Pokemon fans have been hoping for: Trading and real-time player battles in-game.

Pokemon GO was huge when it launched. HUGE. For Thanksgiving they had a special live event, They added baby versions of Pokemon, they even PARTNERED WITH STARBUCKS to make a frappuccino. The summer of 2016 was certainly a time to experience. Then everything changed when the human attention span attacked. People stopped playing Pokemon GO and it faded into obscurity.

Many loyal Pokemon fans stated that they wished the game was more like the actual Pokemon franchise and that seems to be what Niantic is aiming to do. Players have been asking for trading since day one, and it seems that Niantic plans to deliver. Real-time player battles are something true Pokemon fans have been asking for to better compare to the original games and to expand on the "Community" feel of the game. Niantic's CEO John Hanke suggests the features are coming "soon" and that they're being worked on right now. No concrete date has been given, but we're excited nonetheless.

Pokemon GO was huge when it launched and hopefully, this will breathe life into the game yet again. Another round of new Pokemon may also help.