Pokemon GO set to arrive in Europe within days

Well, officially of course...

Pokemon GO will officially hit mobile app stores across Europe in the coming days, according to reports. 

For those that have already downloaded the APK file and are currently playing across the continent, you will have already noticed that PokeStops and gyms are in place.

Before today's report from The Wall Street Journal, this had been the largest indicator, pointing towards an impending release, but now the publication has revealed that Pokemon fans across Europe can expect the application's arrival very soon. 

The publication also rightly pointed out that the Apple store is updated in the United Kingdom on Thursday every week, which could pave the way for the game's official launch. So, Apple users, keep an eye out. 

So, will you be able to download Pokemon GO on your smartphone later this week and possibly catch something like Charizard next to the Eiiffel Tower, on London Bridge or even inside the Colosseum in Rome?

It certainly looks that way. 

On a side note – for those that will be downloading Pokemon GO later this week – if you would like to start off with Pikachu instead of one of the original starters, you can find the instructions by clicking here.