Pokemon GO players get waterbombed by angry residents

News Flash: Not everyone is a Pokemon GO fan

The hype for Pokemon GO is almost unreal, more people than ever are walking around while staring down on their phone screens and having a great time catching all kinds of Pokemons, but not everyone is thrilled about this new trend.

The plague that seems to be Pokemon GO still haven't made it's way to Sweden, yet, but the game is already causing conflicts around the world, like the Holocaust Museum having to ask visitors to not walk around catching Pokemon inside the museum grounds. Now, the residents in the suburban neighborhood Rhodes in Sydney, Australia, decided that they had enough of people gathering in their park at all times.

There wasn't just ten or twenty people in Rhodes gathering at the Pokestop, there was as many as 300. The Pokestops are hot spots for Pokehunters and act as sort of meeting points for players. In Rhodes, players would stick around until 3 A.M. playing loud music, making a lot of noise, double parking, and doing other minor violations of the law. It got so bad that some of the residents water bombed players to be able to get some sleep and the police had to be called in to make players leave the area. According to Kotaku people were even camping out in the park.

"People camp there with food and water [until] like 3:00 AM for the past two or three days … there were people in the nearby building throwing water bombs at people in the park"

The police eventually managed to get the crowd to leave by threatening to fine them all with $200 for loitering and the residents got their sleep in the end.

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You might think that these were unjust reactions or that the players got what they deserved but remember to be considerate of others when playing, it's just a game, some places are not the best places to play at such as Holocaust museums and sometimes people just want to sleep at 3 a.m.