Pokemon GO leads wanted man into a police station

He's not a smart man

There are a lot of stories about stupid people doing stupid things while playing Pokémon GO and it seems like they are never ending, recently a wanted man walking right into a police station while hunting Pokémon.

In Russia they are worrying that Pokémon GO is an attempt by the West to brainwash people, a zookeeper made her own Pokémon GO exhibits, a guy from New Zeeland quit his job to become a fulltime Pokémon hunter, one player found a dead body while two other walked off a cliff while playing, it seems like Pokémon GO is a never ending source for funny and upright absurd stories.

Adding to the string of bad judgement calls, Pokémon GO had a wanted man knowingly walk into a police station. A Michigan man named William Wilcox walked into the Milford police station, hoping that authorities wouldn't recognize him while he battled his way to success in pajamas.

Unfortunatley for Wilcox, the police inside did in fact notice him and when they went to arrest Wilcox he was more upset about the fact that he was forces to stop playing his game rather than being arrested. Luckily for Wilcox he was later released on a personal bond so he is now free to keep on trying to become the very best that no one ever was.

Source: WCCFTech