Pokemon GO has been removed from yet another war memorial

They should never have put anything there to begin with

a-bomb dome

Pokémon GO is the biggest trend in the world right now and along with that comes a whole lot of news about stupid people dong stupid things but this time it's about Niantic doing the right thing.

A guy who was wanted by the police walked right into the station while playing Pokemon GO, and someone else decided to place a huge illegal statue of Pikachu in New Orleans but for once something that isn't just about people being stupid comes from Pokemon GO, well, it's Niantic correcting a stupid decision that actually comes from someone else being stupid.

Unfortunately, Niantic didn't think the placements of Pokestops, gyms, and Pokemon through completely, if at all. One of these unfortunate placements was at the Atomic Bomb Dome in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Tokyo, a memorial for those who died when the a-bomb fell.

The memorial is considered a sacred place in Japan and is not a place for people to play games at. Recently a ceremony was held at the park and to keep disrespectful Pokemon hunters away, state officials asked Niantic to remove everything that had to do with Pokemon. First, all the Pokestops and gyms got removed but there were still Pokemon out and about but a few hours before they were also removed. A city official said: 

"We were so relieved. We were worried if those Pokémon were really going to go away in time [for the ceremony]"

Now one more memorial area is Pokemon free, not every place was made for Pokemon hunting.

Source: Metro.co.uk