Pokemon developers are hiring for a console ‘RPG game that is popular on a global scale’

'Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!'

Pokemon developers are hiring for a console 'RPG game that is popular on a global scale'

Pokemon fans, this might be it. After it was previously rumored that a Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon was in development about four months ago, developer Game Freak has posted job listings for a game that appears to point to this very project. The listings don't mention the Pokemon brand or the Nintendo Switch specifically, but reading between the lines of the descriptions is enough to give any long-time series fan some serious chills.

One of the listings calls for the ability to work on "deformed toon-like figures, monsters, items and so on" while the other references needing "experience creating a person character models of Wii U / PS VITA class." 

Here are a couple more details that seem to point to an already released game:

  • It is an opportunity to be involved in the development of the worldwide popular RPG!
  • Since it is a title that has been released for a long time, the development environment is also very well set.
  • The platform will be console

The game being "released for a long time" would seem to indicate that whatever is being made already exists in some form or another, which falls in line with the idea that it could be a Sun/Moon re-release. What exactly a "long time" means is up for debate, but given that Sun/Moon released about four months ago, that could be considered "long" by game release standards.

If this game does turn out to be the rumored Pokemon Stars, Nintendo is going to need to up production on the Nintendo Switch.

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