Pokemon Black & White Version 2 enhanced experience with 3DS and 3DS XL

While there is a lot of Nintendo 3DS news coming from Nintendo Direct, we shift our attention to the Nintendo DS with some upcoming Pokemon news.

The first ever sequel to a handheld Pokemon RPG, Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 will be available this fall. The adventure takes place two years after the events from the first games, and players will once again be adventuring through the Unova region. The game will be packed with Pokemon both new and old, so be sure to look out for your favorite original Pokemon (here's looking at you Psyduck!) as well as new Pokemon Trainers and new Gym Leaders to battle.

And while gamers will only be able to play it in 2D, those who will be playing it on their 3DS will have some unique features open to them, in the form of two titles that can be downloaded from the eShop, and will work in conjunction with White and Black Version 2.

Pokemon Dream Radar will be an augmented reality game which will let you use your 3DS or 3DS XL to search around your surroundings for hidden Pokemon. These Pokemon can then be caught and transfered to your White and Black Version 2 games. Dream Radar will feature hard to find Pokemon, that players might have trouble catching in the DS game, and some of which will only be found through Dream Radar.

Pokedex 3D Pro, which will apparently be the more comprehensive version of the already available Pokedex 3D, will work simultaneously with your game to track all the caught Pokemon in your Black and White Version 2. It will highlight when Pokemon evolve, what moves they can learn, and more. Through AR, you'll also be able to take pictures of your favorite Pokemon in the real world. Nifty!