Pokémon Art Exhibit – Battle Royale

Are you the best Pokétrainer?  Were you back in the 90’s?  While teaching high school students last year, they use to challenge me; informing me that they were in fact the best Pokémon players in the world.  Fools!  Kids these days, I’ve long been out of the Poké race.

Here is a crazy (awesome) idea.  What if… you took the original 151 Pokémon from the Nintendo classic and let’s say have modern artists draw them with their interpretations.  Wow that would me massive and awesome.  If only… right?

Right.  Well Pokemon Battle Royale is doing just this.  All 151 Pokémon are getting fresh make overs from 151 different artists – each one taking on one of the Pokémon.  The purpose of this project is to fill the new Light Grey Art Gallery, Minneapolis. 

Let’s let the nostalgia take you back to 1998.  At this point in time all the Pokémon have been picked so they are not taking any more submissions.  The opening of the event will be on April 20th at the Light Grey Art Gallery, Minneapolis.

Follow there Blogspot page to read updates and follow this awesome Poké art spectacular.  The link again is HERE.