Pocket God Launches Open Beta on Facebook

Before Angry Birds, there was Pocket God. The pygmy-torturing god sim rocked the App Store charts for ages, and now it’s looking to expand to Facebook.

Interested players can jump in to the open beta and start wreaking havoc on Ooga, Booga, and the rest of those semi-retarded Pacific Islanders.

The Facebook version of Pocket God is being developed by Frima Studio and will feature a brand new way to experience the colorful, all-powerful and hilarious universe of Pocket God across the world’s most popular social network. Pocket God throws players into the role of an almighty deity, commanding a small island full of god-fearing followers who unquestionably bend to the user’s whim. Benevolent players can choose to feed and care for their subjects, while vengeful gods will have more fun pestering pygmies in a variety of wacky ways that have entertained players since the title’s iOS debut.