Playstation Vita External Battery in the Works

The Playstation Vita is looking like a beautiful piece of hardware, with plenty of shiny buttons and a click touch-screen interface. Given how poorly Nintendo has positioned the Nintendo 3DS in the marketplace it’s likely that Sony could dominate this latest generation of gaming portables (as long as you don’t count the iPhone that is). However one major concern would have to be the unit’s battery life which at peak operation, only lasts about three hours. Though three hours seems fine for most scenarios, I can just see myself stuck in an airplane terminal for an eight hour stretch, cursing my choice of portable. Actually, whenever I fly I usually have no less than three game systems with me… but average Joe consumer demands more battery damnit!

Thankfully, Sony has announced that an external battery pack will be available as a optional accessory. Though few details have been released, this will likely be an easy purchase for any frequent travelers looking to watch Cinematon on the go. However knowing how eager Sony is to gouge consumers in the after-accessory market, we assume this battery pack will be anything but cheap. Better start saving for that Vita now!